Dubrovnik, Croatia

Karie on May 29th 2008 06:54 pm

If you see a sign that says “Cold Drinks” with an arrow that appears to point nowhere, follow it.  We ordered some cold drinks and a can of Pringles just so we could sit there and enjoy the view.  The old town of Dubrovnik is a walled city set right on the sea.  You can actually walk all the way around the city atop the walls, which we had intended to do in the evening when the city was all lit up… but this was before we realized that you can only do that in the summer, and “summer” would begin 2 days after we left.

Since we had already spent a little time in Dubrovnik before heading up the coast, we decided to venture out to some nearby islands on a small day cruise.  After Mary’s failed attempts to rent one of these, we finally settled on this one.  We really wanted to take this trip, despite the Sales Prevention Force at the ticket counter, who delivered the following marketing schpeal with a smile:

“First you’ll stop at this island, but only for 45 minutes, because there’s nothing to do there. Most people just get coffee then get back on the boat.  Next you’ll go here for an hour.  This island used to be a summer vacation spot for the wealthy. There is a really beautiful home there that is now a museum, but it’s closed so you can’t see it.  It’s too bad it’s closed because it’s really nice.  Next, you’ll be going to this island for 2 ½ hours. You’ll spend the most amount of time here because it has a sandy beach with real sand.  Then you come back.”

We signed up anyway, with low expectations, but were glad to learn that the sales girl just needed some help with dialogs, as it was much more enjoyable than she led us to believe.

Our captain looked a bit like Bluto from Popeye, but he was very nice, and elegantly poured refreshments for the passengers about once an hour.  He offered us some of his home-made grappa, which we all declined except for Mary, who thought she’d give it a whirl… and ended up “accidentally” whirling the cup until its contents were spilled into the sea.  Oops!

Back in Dubrovnik, we decided to check out a restaurant recommended by our first hotel, which is home to the best mussels in the world.  My only previous experience in eating mussels was in paella, so I wasn’t too sure I was ready for an entire meal of them, so we split a pot for our table of four.  They were delicious!  If only they weren’t called mussels.  For some reason I have a problem with that name.  If they just called them “tiny bites inside shells cooked in garlic and white wine”, I wouldn’t have a problem with it.  Our waiter wasn’t a fan of it either.  Or of any food in that restaurant, or any food that comes out of water, or the perfect weather.  Maybe we should’ve introduced him to the enthusiast who sold us the boat trip – the two most charmingly terrible salespeopele in the world – I think they’d get along well.

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