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Karie on Nov 12th 2007 09:23 pm

Neither of us have been studying Spanish as much as we should, but we have seen a lot of progress just from being so surrounded by it.  We are finding that we can both understand pretty well, as long as the person is speaking slowly.  We can usually at least get the gist of what they are trying to tell us, but the problem is that we don’t usually know how to respond.

So… I started a Spanish immersion class.  4 hours per day, Monday-Friday… and today, I studied an additional 3 hours outside of class.  This might be just the kick in the pants that I needed.

The morning started out with a class of 5 students, plus a teacher that will not speak English no matter how hard you try.  Within the first 30 minutes one poor German (who also spoke English), said to her, “I don’t think this is the place for me. I don’t understand anything that you’re saying.” To which she responded in Spanish.  Sin suerte.  They do speak slowly & find various ways to help you understand, and I was feeling quite proud of myself for figuring most of it out.

The second session only had 2 students (the German & I) and it was a little more conversational, intended to reinforce things that we learned in the first session.  Oddly, the 2nd session was easier for the German, and harder for me (so much for the pride).  The teacher briefly broke the “no English rule” to explain that it’s normal to spend most of the day in confusion.  It’s meant to push us, so just stick with it & study.

It was tough, but really fun & rewarding.  Right now I’m the only one doing it, as it’s a little pricey, and I’m one of those weird ones that kinda likes school anyway, so I’m the guinea pig.  If it proves to be a worthwhile investment I will probably extend my classes for another week or two, and Scott will join in.

Of course this will be in addition to our current proven methods of infrequent Rosetta Stone sessions, hand gestures, and one-word responses using only infinitive verbs.  Perhaps these people have something more to teach me.

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