Farewell Tour Stop #3: Karie’s Home, Stockton, CA

Karie on Sep 12th 2007 07:59 pm

Aunt Janice hosted a wonderful going away fiesta for us!  She’s been studying up on Spain so she could make it as authentic as possible (which included renaming a couple of family favorite dishes to make them compliant). She even gathered cards from some out-of-state family, so it was great to get a big stack of love all at once.

Our time at home was brief, but we also made sure we got in a couple visits to Grandpa Isaacs, who is currently in rehabilitation center.  We also got to meet one of the newest additions to our circle of friends, Miss Alison Grace Jones, daughter of Jason & Sarah.

The worst part about this leg of the tour was saying goodbye to mom, dad & Penny Lane. Luckily they can all keep each other company, but if you live in the Stockton area and have a hankering to throw a ball, please go play with Penny, my poor parents can only take so much.

My parents are coming to Barcelona for Christmas and we can’t wait. We wrote a song about that too.

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