Farewell Tour Stop #4: Scott’s Home, Los Angeles, CA

Karie on Sep 17th 2007 05:05 pm

More fiestas! We got to hang out with Adam & Nicki in Redondo Beach on Friday, then Scott’s mom hosted a get-together for us Saturday night… more family, fun and great food, mostly made from scratch. We really need to expand our cooking skills & recipe repertoire when we move to Barcelona (when I say “we”, I mean chef Scott).

Sunday we went to the L.A. County Fair with David, Matthew & Melissa (Scott’s dad, brother & sister). We actually tried one of those Krispy Kreme fried chicken sandwiches… c’mon, you have to! It was edible, but I wouldn’t recommend more than a bite or two, especially if you cherish your arteries. One sandwich is definitely enough for the entire group, with some to spare. We had a ton of fun though… exhibits, rides, animals, and lots of food that we won’t get in Spain. God bless America and our willingness to deep fry anything!

Thus concludes our farewell tour. Vamos a Barcelona!

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