Karie on Nov 1st 2007 10:57 pm

At the risk of sounding like total geeks, this is pretty fun. In case you’ve never heard of Geoocaching (and I wouldn’t expect you to), it’s like a GPS-powered worldwide treasure hunt. Basically, someone gets some type of sealed container, puts stuff inside it, and hides it anywhere in the world. They then go online and log the GPS coordinates of where they hid it, so other people can go find it. They are usually very difficult to find, and even those “in the know” have to be discrete, so as not to risk being discovered by “Mugglers” (someone who doesn’t know what it is and takes it).

There are several around Barcelona, many of which are in parks or areas that we often pass while exploring the city. At first I just followed along to indulge Scott, but I admit, I heard the Mission Impossible theme song in my head the whole time.

Contents of the containers will sometimes just include a log book that you can sign & write a message. Other times people will leave little trinkets that you can take out & replace with one of your own.

So far we have found 2, and pursued unsuccessful searches for 2 others. From one, we took a coin called Team Chroms’ Tick that had a story attached saying that the coin wants to be back in Nurenberg, Germany by Christmas Eve in 2010, but it wants to see how many places it can visit before then. So far the coin has been to 3 different countries in 6 months, and we’re going to take it with us to the next country we visit… although we have yet to determine where that will be. Spain is a pretty tough place to beat in the winter months!

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  1. Maryon 06 Nov 2007 at 4:07 pm

    Omigosh…you guys are such geeks and I am so jealous. HOW FUN!!! Do you think they have some here? Sounds like a good motorhome adventure if they do. John is groaning but he doesn’t know how much fun he will have.

  2. Nancy Rogerson 08 Nov 2007 at 12:43 am

    Haha! I guess I’m a geek with you b/c I actually knew what it was! We haven’t hunted for any yet, but saw a big article about it in Family Fun Magazine. Wish we were there with you!

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