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Karie on Sep 25th 2007 09:36 pm

Last Sunday I felt like we actually lived in Barcelona… aside from the fact that we were staying in a hotel, don’t fully know our way around yet, and don’t speak the language.  However, we did have quite the social calendar!

At church on Sunday morning we met a couple about our age that invited us over that evening to watch a movie with a few other couples.  We could use some friends on this continent, so we went!  There were people from Ireland, Argentina, South Africa and Mexico.  They were all so friendly and welcoming – it was wonderful.

We actually had to leave shortly before the end of the movie, as we had “another engagement” with a couple from Italy that we met at our Bed & Breakfast (yes, we were feeling quite popular for a few hours).  It just so happens that they are preparing for a move to either San Diego or San Francisco, and we were preparing for a trip to Italy, so we exchanged tips & shared stories over some delicious seafood paella.  Yum.

We were having the time of our lives, and then it got better – we found a place to live!  It’s just temporary, but it’s perfect for now.  It’s a charming flat in Gràcia, an artsy/trendy neighborhood in Barcelona that has everything we need within walking distance.  It even has those gigantic doors that open up from the bedroom onto an adorable little balcony where I can hang plants & flowers that Scott will have to take care of.  There were so many people interested in the place, so we were almost jumping up & down when we found out we were the chosen ones.  We’ll be moving in as soon as we return from Italy!

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