We’re here!

Karie and Scott on Sep 22nd 2007 10:36 pm

We’ve been in Barcelona for about 48 hours now, and it has been non-stop!

The flights were fine, although they relocated our luggage without telling us, so it took us an hour to find it. We finally made it to our Bed & Breakfast, which was great; then we met Thomas & Kaitlin for dinner about 10:30pm. After dinner, we walked the busy streets & sat in one of the squares and chatted until about 2:00am. It was their last night in Barcelona, so we had a great time celebrating their way out and our way in. We’ll see them again next week at Lance & Rachael’s wedding in Italy!

The biggest festival of the year is going on right now, so the city is buzzing with energy. La Merce is a celebration of the end of summer that involves various Spanish traditions, and basically, setting a lot of stuff on fire. These people are crazy… and we’re right there with them. I won’t bother explaining it all, just look at the pictures.

Our primary order of business this week (aside from participating in all the festivities) was finding a place to live when we return from Italy. Our B&B host was a wealth of information, so he gave us great tips on where to look, what to avoid, etc. No luck yet, but we have a couple leads that we´re exploring.

We’ve been trying to improve our Spanish, and immersing ourselves into the culture. We had been in a few grocery stores in the past, but tonight we actually went grocery shopping & had dinner in our room. Crackers, brie, dried salami, grapes & cookies. Believe it or not, it took us about 30 minutes to shop for all that. The crackers & the cookies look the same here! Ok, so we have more work to do on our Spanish speaking skills.

Tomorrow we are going to check out the International Church of Barcelona. The missionaries there, Dan & Kathy Stump, were really helpful with helping us prepare for the move, so we are looking forward to finally meeting them in person.

To sum it up, we are having a great time! It just feels like vacation so far, so the reality of living here hasn’t set in yet… but I know that when it does we are going to enjoy seeing some familiar faces, so let us know if you want to come visit!

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  1. Dianeon 24 Sep 2007 at 4:04 am

    Hi Kids,
    So glad youyou have internet access to update us. I have been thinking about you two and I’m so happy to hear all is well. That is so fun you met up with Kaitlin and Thomas.

    My niece informed me she is leaving California next week and moving to Raleigh, North Carolina…by herself and know no one there.

    Life is full of adventures and I will be checking back to read about yours.

    Look for me about April or May…

  2. aunt janiceon 01 Oct 2007 at 2:58 am

    So glad to hear of your adventures sounds like you are ever so busy I sure would like to experience some of your fun (except the seafood). I’m sure happy for you two and a little envious at the same time glad for your newsy letter, looking forward to more.
    I love you two —– Aunt Janice

  3. Samanthaon 04 Feb 2008 at 9:19 pm


    I’ll be following your story. My husband and I really want to do the same thing. Can I ask you all how you are supporting yourselves while you are in Europe? How long will you be there? And, what are the requirements for U.S. citizens who want to move to Spain?

    Samantha Cardwell-Ward

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