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Who took the Feliz out of America’s Navidad?

I miss Spain right now, and Christmas is rubbing it in.  I absolutely loved the holidays in Barcelona… The lights strung across hundreds of streets throughout the city, dozens of children waiting on a street corner to talk to one of the 3 Kings (think Santa booth, except with a King, and not in a mall), […]

See For Yourself

Considering my lack of blogging, I figured the best way to sum up our life over the last month or so would be through a photo blog (phlog?).  Here are a few pictures, but you can click on the View Gallery link to see more of our house, and other random happenings in San Diego. […]

In With the New (and the used)

Good news!  We have a home again!  After nearly a month of bouncing around between family & friends, we moved into a little house.  We had sold most of our furniture when we moved to Spain, so moving in was a cinch!  We kept our beds, most kitchen supplies, some decorative and sentimental items, etc., […]

God Bless America… and Spain

I can’t believe we’ve been back in the USA for almost 2 weeks now.  Sorry it’s taken me so long to send an update, but here are a few happenings since our return to American soil… The discovery of STOK We arrived in San Francisco on a Thursday evening, and my parents were flying out […]

Homeward Bound (I promise this one isn’t even sentimental!)

Our last full day in Barcelona is upon us.  We’ve said goodbyes to friends and are mostly packed up.  I’ve already cried over the people & things I’m going to miss, and also lost sleep over the excitement of everything we have to look forward to at home.  So now, I leave you with raw […]

The Break-In

Tonight we had an interesting adventure.  We were on our way to the market when Scott suddenly stopped and reached for his pockets. “Forget your wallet?” “No.”  (super long pause)  “The keys.” We stop and stare at each other for about 5 minutes. (cricket, cricket) What are we going to do? It just so happens […]

Myth Busting in Granada, Spain

Our desire for getting the best deals on everything has really taught us to be flexible.  Budget airlines are budget-friendly for a reason – meaning that what you save in money, you usually pay for in some other way (time, leg room, sanity, etc.).  So, in order to get the best price on getting to […]