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Who took the Feliz out of America’s Navidad?

I miss Spain right now, and Christmas is rubbing it in.  I absolutely loved the holidays in Barcelona… The lights strung across hundreds of streets throughout the city, dozens of children waiting on a street corner to talk to one of the 3 Kings (think Santa booth, except with a King, and not in a mall), […]

See For Yourself

Considering my lack of blogging, I figured the best way to sum up our life over the last month or so would be through a photo blog (phlog?).  Here are a few pictures, but you can click on the View Gallery link to see more of our house, and other random happenings in San Diego. […]

In With the New (and the used)

Good news!  We have a home again!  After nearly a month of bouncing around between family & friends, we moved into a little house.  We had sold most of our furniture when we moved to Spain, so moving in was a cinch!  We kept our beds, most kitchen supplies, some decorative and sentimental items, etc., […]

God Bless America… and Spain

I can’t believe we’ve been back in the USA for almost 2 weeks now.  Sorry it’s taken me so long to send an update, but here are a few happenings since our return to American soil… The discovery of STOK We arrived in San Francisco on a Thursday evening, and my parents were flying out […]