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Back to the U.S.A. to get our Visas

On our first morning back in the U.S. (after waking up at 3am thanks to the jet lag), we headed down to the Spanish Consulate in Los Angeles.  We are now the proud holders of Visados Residencias de Espana!  We still have one hoop to jump through to finalize it all, but it’s downhill from […]

Farewell Tour Stop #4: Scott’s Home, Los Angeles, CA

More fiestas! We got to hang out with Adam & Nicki in Redondo Beach on Friday, then Scott’s mom hosted a get-together for us Saturday night… more family, fun and great food, mostly made from scratch. We really need to expand our cooking skills & recipe repertoire when we move to Barcelona (when I say […]

Farewell Tour Stop #3: Karie’s Home, Stockton, CA

Aunt Janice hosted a wonderful going away fiesta for us!  She’s been studying up on Spain so she could make it as authentic as possible (which included renaming a couple of family favorite dishes to make them compliant). She even gathered cards from some out-of-state family, so it was great to get a big stack […]

Farewell Tour Stop #2: Charlize’s 1st Birthday, Dousman, WI

We were so glad to be there for Charlie’s polka dot party! You should’ve seen her attack that cake, it was impressive. She is so smart & beautiful… but look at her families, the poor girl can’t help it. We love her so much! Her favorite show is the Backyardigans. I get the theme song […]


It’s official – we are homeless and unemployed! At least I am, although Scott will continue working part-time for his current employer. It’s very frightening and freeing at the same time, but luckily we’ve been too busy for reality to fully set in. It’s been a whirlwind, but after 5 years of planning, saving, freaking […]