Karie on Aug 30th 2007 06:35 pm

It’s official – we are homeless and unemployed! At least I am, although Scott will continue working part-time for his current employer. It’s very frightening and freeing at the same time, but luckily we’ve been too busy for reality to fully set in.

It’s been a whirlwind, but after 5 years of planning, saving, freaking out and jumping up and down with anticipation, we’re finally achieving our goal of moving to Spain! Our plan is to live in Barcelona for one year, but we’ll hopefully spend about 1/3 of the time traveling throughout Europe (but of course we haven’t figured any of that out yet).

My last day at work was 8/17, followed by attending MasterMind, then a rush of packing, selling, donating, wrecking the car we were trying to sell… and finally moving everything that’s left into a 5’x15′ storage unit.

Packing for a year is super hard – especially the shoes. I literally had to justify every single shoe and article of clothing I packed, or Scott would nix it. Tough love. Overall, we had a lot of fun though, including camping on the floor in the living room for the last couple of nights in San Diego.

Saying goodbyes in San Diego was almost as tough as eliminating shoes. Our last stop was dropping off the car that the Zellers had let us borrow after we wrecked our own. Then, me, Scott & Penny Lane┬ápiled into the cab of our U-Haul, and I cried all the way to the I-15. They say nothing great was ever accomplished without a risk, and as Scott keeps saying, “either we’re crazy or we’re genius.” I really hope it’s the latter.

So now we begin our farewell U.S. tour… first stop: Lake Shasta. It’s already been an adventure, but I am sure there are many stories yet to be told (and written by me).

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