Málaga, Spain

Karie on Jun 28th 2008 10:53 am

I won’t beat around the bush.  Our overall opinion of Málaga: eh.

It’s a fine place, and many people we met at our hotel absolutely love it here; but in my humble opinion, you can get better versions of all the same things elsewhere in Andalucía, or other parts of Spain.  Better beaches, better Picasso museums, better castles, better Roman ruins, better shopping, better weather… We didn’t hate it or anything, but if you have a limited amount of time in Spain, my advice would be to not spend too much of it here.

We had a nice day at the beach when we first arrived, but the sun is very intense here, so we both got a little burned, even with sunblock and an umbrella.  Not miserably burned, but enough to make you think you better not go back again tomorrow.  So there goes the primary source of entertainment in this city.

One of the most interesting parts of our time here was our hostel.  It’s a pretty cool place.  Very chill, with reggae music playing while barefoot people nap in various places in and around the house.  In the evenings, friends of the employees come over and hang out with all the guests.  It kinda feels like a multilingual fraternity house.  At night we all hung out and watched España cream Russia to make it into the UEFA EURO 2008 finals (and then later go on to become the 2008 European football/soccer champions!). Viva España!

The biggest problem with this hostel is that there is no air conditioning, and our room was on the side of the building that gets no breeze whatsoever.  Oh, and there are tons of mosquitoes, and we realized as we were going to bed that we somehow forgot our mosquito spray in Ronda.  It was the hottest, most miserable night of my life.  We actually slept most of the night with the door to the hallway wide open, which was probably weird for other people who had to walk by our room to get to the bathroom, but we didn’t care by then.  Scott got up at 1:00am to take yet another cold shower, and we were both pretty much done with Málaga by 2:00am.

Just to set the record straight, I looooove Andalucía.  I love Barcelona too, but seeing more of this country has given me an even greater appreciation for it as a whole.  That being said, I don’t want to leave these series of blogs on Southern Spain on a down note, so I will leave you with my top five favorite things about Málaga:

Chango, aka, “the big one” – part dog, part hibernating bear that lives in the hostel

Tomás, aka, “the small one” – Chango’s 6-month old son

The Chill Out Patio – the name says it all

Canopy covered pedestrian streets – these are a Godsend on a really hot day

…Last but not least: The most relaxing toilet seat ever – nothing like a gentle reminder of what’s awaiting you outside as you sit on the pot

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