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Málaga, Spain

I won’t beat around the bush.  Our overall opinion of Málaga: eh. It’s a fine place, and many people we met at our hotel absolutely love it here; but in my humble opinion, you can get better versions of all the same things elsewhere in Andalucía, or other parts of Spain.  Better beaches, better Picasso […]

Cádiz, Spain

I think we only heard English once the entire time we were in Cádiz.  It was awesome.  Its beaches are definitely a tourist destination, but mostly for the Spaniards.  Cádiz, the oldest continuously inhabited city in western Europe, is only connected to the mainland by a small strip of land.  It’s pretty far down there […]

Madrid, Spain

As much as I’m a city girl, I’ve found that the biggest cities (or capitol cities) are not always my favorite, just because there is more of everything… more to do, more commercialism, more traffic, more slums, more expenses, etc.  I am glad to report that this was not the case in Madrid.  I was […]

The Local News

Just a quick update about some of the things we’ve been up to in and around Barcelona… Bon Jovi: The Lost Road Leads to Spain C’mon, you know your jealous.   I’ve been a Bon Jovi fan for the last couple of decades (more last decade than this decade), so when we found out they were […]

Miss us?

Sorry we’ve been kinda quiet lately… just taking a break and staying put in Barcelona for a while! The weather has been weird – beautiful for a few weeks, then rain moving back in. Even so, it’s good to be “home” for a bit. I love traveling, but also like being able to put my […]

San Sebastián, Spain

Adam & Nicki spent most of their trip doing slow-paced tourism with us in Barcelona, with the exception of a brief getaway to San Sebastián. I figured out that an over night bus would be cost-effective and give us more time in the city than flying. Adam & Nicki, being the troopers that they are […]