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Fiesta Mayor de Grácia

Each year the neighborhood of Grácia (where we lived our first few months in Barcelona) hosts a week long festival, complete with elaborately decorated streets, 15+ stages throughout the neighborhood, random competitions, and of course, food.  It’s hard to believe that an event of this magnitude is put on completely by volunteers in the neighborhood […]

Aunt Janice & Uncle Dave Take on Catalunya

Aunt Janice has been one of our biggest supporters almost ever since she found out we were moving to Spain.  At first she wasn’t too happy about it, but the more she learned about Spain, the more she wanted us to move so that they could visit. My mom (who thinks “Barcelona” is Catalan for […]

The Local News

Just a quick update about some of the things we’ve been up to in and around Barcelona… Bon Jovi: The Lost Road Leads to Spain C’mon, you know your jealous.   I’ve been a Bon Jovi fan for the last couple of decades (more last decade than this decade), so when we found out they were […]

Road Trip: Figueres & Cadaqués, Spain

With my parents visiting for the holidays, we wanted to give them a little taste of Europe, but without running them into the ground (which we nearly did anyway).  So we opted for spending a few days in Barcelona, taking a road trip up the coast of Spain into the French Riviera, back to Barcelona, […]

Catalan Christmas Traditions

Every culture holds dear its own traditions, and this year we have the opportunity to experience those of Barcelona. For example… Christmas is celebrated for all 12 days that we sing about, although I have yet to see any partridges or pear trees. Young & old anxiously await the arrival of the 3 Kings on […]