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Catalan Christmas Traditions

Every culture holds dear its own traditions, and this year we have the opportunity to experience those of Barcelona. For example… Christmas is celebrated for all 12 days that we sing about, although I have yet to see any partridges or pear trees. Young & old anxiously await the arrival of the 3 Kings on […]

When There is Time to Gaze

Right now I am sitting at my desk, looking out the window of our 3rd floor flat. Our street, Gran de Gràcia, passes below, with a set of Christmas lights strung across the street, which they beautifully do throughout the entire city. Directly across the street facing back at me stands a beautiful, six story, […]

I see normalcy in our future

Last Sunday I felt like we actually lived in Barcelona… aside from the fact that we were staying in a hotel, don’t fully know our way around yet, and don’t speak the language.  However, we did have quite the social calendar! At church on Sunday morning we met a couple about our age that invited […]